Economy investments

For the last 20 years Perm moved from a city closed to foreigners to a modern regional centre with a diversified economy. At present the economic and employment structure of the city has been adapted to these new circumstances and a market economy. There are several proofs of that.

34 % of economically active population (approximately 170,000 people) having previous experience working in large and medium-sized enterprises are now self-employed.

The ratio between employees of large enterprises in the spheres of production and services has changed during the last 20 years. Today in services sector there are more people employed than in production sphere. The city's unemployment level is quite low and it has shown a tendency for de-cline.

Perm economy is formed mainly around large-scale industry. The main branches are: electricity, oil and gas processing, machine industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, woodworking, polygraphs and food-processing industry.

Corporation tax rate in the city is 15,5% (one of the lowest rates in Russia).

Farming, hunting, forestry, fish farming, mining, processing industry, production and distribution of electrical power, gas and water, construction companies, transport and telecommunication agencies are rated with graduated assets tax of 0,6% for the first year since placed in service and 1,1% during second and third years of service.

The city has a huge potential and all development opportunities.

Several positive factors exist:
- high and unsatisfied domestic demand;
- economic, financial, budgetary and social stability;
- availability of all primary resources;
- availability of the basic elements of transport infrastructure;
- availability of such a transport artery as the river.

There exists a potential of undeveloped and inefficiently used zones and, the last but not the least - an attractive urban landscape.

There have been defined 3 directions in territorial development:

- development of built-up zones;
- re-profiling, reorganisation of production zones;
- integrated zonal development.

The mission of the city consists in providing attractive conditions and a comfortable environ-ment for current and future generations through sustainable economic growth and efficient territorial development.

The Perm City Administration offers several investment projects in the commercial property construction: multifunctional shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, car washes, logistic centers, and water parks. Land plots are located in different neighborhoods of the city.

There is also a list of city and private property lands for development of individual dwelling zones. Land plots are in different neighborhoods of the city with good transport accessibility.

Perm being a growing city, it needs an increase in market objects and service industries. It makes Perm attractive for investors.

Perm City authorities are interested in international cooperation in social objects construction.

The Department of Industrial Policy, Investment and Entrepreneurship is in charge of investment projects realization in perm City.