News for December 2016

16 , 07:50
Schoolchildren of Perm and Oxford communicate online.

Today, December 16, at 3 pm a videoconference with partner school of Oxford - Perm's twin city - will take place at school 84.

Videoconference will be about Christmas celebrations in Europe. Pupils of Wellington Primary school (Oxfordshire County) and a team of the 3rd, 4th and 5th forms of school 84 will participate. This online meeting will include first acquaintance and Christmas greetings.

The first videoconference for the schools took place on November 23, 2011 where teachers from Oxford and Perm schools introduced themselves and talked to one another.

Starting from January 2012 such videoconferences will become regular. Partnership includes Perm schools 42, 84, 129, lyceum No. 8 and school 50.

Videoconferences contribute into "We Speak English" city project and will help ordinary schoolchildren master their English language. This is an open project: started with five schools mentioned it has already got an application from school 34.

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