News for February 2018

February 5, 2018 10:04
Join the 2018 Perm International Marathon as a runner

A ceremonial opening of the registration for the Second Perm International Marathon, scheduled for September 8-9, 2018, was held in Perm. 

The registration was opened by city and region officials, and the event was attended by professional and non-professional sportsmen, trainers and  healthy life fans.

“I would advise those who are planning  to take part in the Marathon to register right, now as the previous experience showed the vacancies do not last for long. We kept the marathon track within the city center; it is a licensed track with a proper certificate and distances of 42.2, 21.1, 10 and 3 kilometers. However, this year we have increased registration slots up to 8, 000”, says the Vice-Mayor Ludmila Gadzhieva.

One can register for any of the distances through Internet following the link at: This year the 3-kilometer distance run will be organized separately for 2 groups: children up to 14, and participants starting 14 years and older.

To remind, the First Perm International Marathon was held in September 2017 under the patronage of regional and municipal administrations. The event was highly accessed by both international athletes and sport fans.  The Marathon was awarded the prize of “The Perm Region Ambassador” in the “Event” nomination.

The participants of the Marathon counted over 5,500 residents and visitors of Perm City representing  12 countries, 28 regions and 184 towns of the Russian Federation, as well as twin cities of Perm – Duisburg (Germany) and Oxford (the UK). They ran distances of 3, 10.5, 21.5 and 42.2 kilometers. They were joined by the Perm Region Governor Maxim Reshetnikov, Perm City Mayor Dmitry Samoylov, city council members, public leaders. Along the whole track, the runners were supported and cheered by 24,000 of residents. 

The Marathon became an event much beyond the limits of a sport competition as it turned into a city-scale festival, featuring a unique Athletic show in front of the Drama Theater, Healthy food fair and Pasta-party for marathon runners.  

Perm Marathon’s consumer rating at was 9.5 points out of 10 possible, which is significantly higher than the average.  

This year the marathon is most likely to become even a larger-scale and higher-ranking event and will be held during 2 days, September 8-9. The prize fund is the same, with the absolute winner both in men and in women receiving 500, 000 rubles each.