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The Tchaikovsky Perm State Regional Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Address: Perm, Ul. Petropavlovskaya, 25а, tel./fax: +78 (342) 212-30-87,
e-mail: office@permopera.ru, Web-site: www.permopera.ru

Artistic director - Teodor Currentzis  

One of the oldest theatres in Russia, Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, no doubt, has   its place among the top musical theaters in the country, and the ballet group has long become world-famous.  The Perm Choreography School has gained a world-wide recognition and year to year produces the dancers starring on the stage in Perm and many other Russian cities.  The theatre has traditionally been a venue for the Diaghilev’s Seasons Festival and the Arabesque ballet competition, bringing together Russian and foreign participants.   The Perm Opera and Ballet theatre is also famous as modern opera laboratory. 

The repertoire features both classical and modern performances. 

The theater regularly tours the world and their performances were shown at the best theatre stages in Japan, the US, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Australia and many other countries. 

"Perm Academic Theatre-Theatre” (former Perm Academic Drama Theatre)

Address: Perm, Ul.Lenina, 53, tel.: +7 (342) 201-76-26, Web-site: www.teatr-teatr.com

Artistic Director – Boris Milgram 

Director - Anatoly Pichkalev

The theatre emerged as the working youth theatre.  

The group successfully unites the mastery of professional actors and the efforts of young actors seeking the new ideas. The repertoire presents both the Russian and foreign classical and modern plays. 

The theatre opens up its stage for many directors who have distinguished themselves by stunning performances in various parts of the country, thus, all the plays staged in the theatre are different in terms of spirit, context and acting style.   The theatre does not shy away from artistic experiments; musical shows have become frequent, giving room for the new Russian drama and classical plays.  Each theatrical season produces 6-7 new plays.  

Perm Youth Spectator Theatre

Address: Perm, Ul.Yekateriniskaya, 68, tel. +7 (342)212-43-16, +7 (342) 212-42-76 (tickets), Web-site: www.permtuz.ru

Artistic director - Mikhail Skomorokhov, People’s Artist of Russia 

For 35 years of its existence, the theatre’s 170 new productions have gathered over 5 million spectators. With M.Skomorokhov as its artistic director, the theater has gained its focus, namely, classical plays. Never dying drive for experiment and search of distinctive theatrical form, organisation of its own orchestra made the Perm Young Spectators Theatre one of the most unique and prospective youth theatres in Russia.

The theatre regularly tours Moscow, St. Petersburg, Avignon (France), and cities in Turkey. 

Perm Municipal Puppet Theatre

Address: Perm, Ul. Sibirskaya, 65

Tel. +7 (342) 245-41-72 (tickets), +7 (342) 207-33-44, Web-site: www.kuklindom.perm.ru

Artistic director – Dmitry Vikhretsky 

Director – Tatiana Luzina 

The actors have justifiably gained the reputation of pioneers as they readily set out to the most remote regions of the country and abroad to bring the children the fete and joy of the show.  The theatre has its own museum of puppets. 

The repertoire features the shows for children as well as adults.  Expanding the framework of its activities the theatre provides opportunities for contract groups – the chamber theatre, “The Great Washing” group, the contract Comedy theatre- to produce their shows on its stage. 

The theatre had numerous tours in Russia, including Moscow, and abroad – in Japan and the US (in Louisville).

Perm municipal theatre "Near the Bridge"

Address: Perm, Ul.Kuuibysheva, 11, tel. +7 (342) 237-52-55, +7 (342) 237-52-42, Web site: www.teatr-umosta.ru

Artistic Director and producer - Sergey Fedotov, the Honored Worker of Arts.

The youngest professional theatrical company in the city, led by a talented director and driven by the energy of the young talented actors, has literally blown up the city by its productions. The theatre is a regular participant of 16 Russian and 30 international festivals, which have always highly assessed the unique performances   and high professionalism of Perm actors.  

The repertoire features over 30 plays. 

The theatre takes its start from the play “The Mandate” staged by Sergey Fedotov.  The originality of director’s work and high standards of acting ensued the successful participation in many festivals; the theater boasts diplomas of “Theater search” (Germany, 1994), “Theater for the European Region” (Check Republic, 1995), “Experimental Theatre” (Austria, 1995)  and others. The staging of “The Master and Margarita” brought its director Sergey Fedotov the highest prize of the regional level – “The Magic Stage”.

The theatre takes frequent tours to many Russian cities – Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Moscow and St.Petersgburg – and abroad, in Poland, the Check Republic, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria. 

The contemporary theatre “Stsena-Molot” (“Stage-Hammer”) 

Address: Perm, Ul.Lenina, 53, tel.:+7 (342) 201-76-26, Web-site: www.stage-molot.ru.

The chief producer of the “Theatre-Theatre” Vladimir Gurfinkel takes care of the repertoire and creative projects of the “Stage-Hammer” theatre. 

“Stage-Hammer” is the contemporary time theatre: it started in 2009 and has always been focused on the modern time hero, his thoughts and feelings, his reaction to the important events in the city and in the world. 

“Stage-Hammer” does not have its own permanent group, each production involving actors from various Perm theatres and creative groups. The productions are directed by famous Russian and foreign producers. 

“Stage-Hammer” seeks to speak the same language with their spectators and go beyond the limits of the “two-dimension” space of the stage and the audience. 

“Stage-Hammer” is a new culture centre and the venue for many events:  the read-troughs and poetry evenings, discussion and training, film shows and DJ-sets.  The theatre has its own café and bookstore “The Main Books”.

Municipal Theatre “Evgeny Panfilov’s Ballet” 

Address: Perm, Ul.Petropavlovskaya, 185, tel.: +7 (342) 237-09-98.

Artistic director – Sergey Rainik.

“Evgeny Panfilov’s Ballet”,  the winner of the National Theatrical Award “The Golden Mask”, is a unique theatrical association uniting three choreography groups:  “Evgeny Panfilov’s Ballet” “Evgeny Panfilov’s Fatty Ballet”  (since  1994) and “Evgeny Panfilov’s  “Fighters’ Club”  (2001),  which, while having their own dance individuality on the one hand, are brought together by a common and distinct style developed by their creator – Evgeny Panfilov (1955-2002), a renowned choreographer, winner of national and international theatrical awards, among all “The Golden Mask” award.

Within a relatively short time, the theatre has become an inseparable part of cultural life of Perm, winning   recognition as highly professional modern dance theatre.  The theatre has successfully toured Moscow and abroad, took part in international festivals.   

“The Diaghilev’s Seasons” International Festival

Serge Diaghilev is a symbol of Russian culture of the early XX century.  The brilliant entrepreneur promoted the unique Russian ballet to the unraveled height and helped raise a generation of talented ballet masters, composers, artists and dancers. 

Since 1987, Perm hosts The Diaghilev festivities, including the arts symposium “The Diagilev’s readings”, exhibitions in the Perm Arts Gallery, ballet and opera performances.  The festival used to be a biennale event started in 2003. By now, it has become the annual venue getting together a large number of well-known Russian and foreign actors, scholars, arts critics and people in arts. 

The Open All-Russia Ballet Competition “The Arabesque” named after Ekaterina Maksimova

ARABESQUE, an all-Russia ballet competition open for foreign participants, was first held in 1988.  Through its existence over 900 young ballet dancers from state and private theaters as well as students from ballet schools from Russia and abroad took part in the contest. 

The artistic director and the chair of the jury is Vladimir Vasiliev, the People’s Actor of Russia, winner of Paris Academy award of “The best world’s dancer”, the winner of most prestigious awards in Russia, France, Italy, the USA, Brazil an Japan.  During 1996-2008 the jury was headed by the incomparable Ekaterina Maksimova, who contributed to the worldwide recognition of “The Arabesque”.

The competition traditionally has a separate press jury, which appeared due to the efforts of Natalya Chetnova, a Russian ballet   critic and connoisseurs. The press jury incorporates well-known ballet critics, historians, Russian and foreign journalists. 

Since 1994  “The Arabesque” has been enjoying the UNESCO patronage. 

“The Flahertiana” International Festival of Documentary Films  

The festival is dedicated to modern documentaries in which   the hero on the screen is living part of his life as formulated by the producer. “Nanook of the North” filmed by American producer Robert Flaherty in 1922 was the first movie of this genre. 

The festival in Perm started in 1995 and in the same year won a national   Khanzhonkov’s prize of “The most outstanding film event of the year”.  Since then the festival has been held as a biennale to strengthen links between the documentaries filmmakers from Russia, CIS countries and Europe, as well as promoting new ideas.  The festival is organized by non-commercial partnership “Cinema studio “Novy Kurs” (“the New Course”), its director and producer, member of Russian Union of Cinematography, Pavel Pechionkin   being the permanent president of the festival.

Russian Snow and Ice Sculptures Cup “The Winter Vernisage”

The open competition Russian Snow and Ice Sculptures Cup “The Winter Vernisage” has been held since 2008 and aims to unite professional sculptors and artists specializing in snow- and ice-carving. Every year the participants demonstrate the best world practices, trends and traditions in this winter art. The event offers the opportunity for participants to compete for the Russian Cup as well as the right to take part in the largest international contests of snow and ice sculptures.