Education & Science

Pre-school education in Perm numbers 178 institutions, namely:

140 – municipal ones, including 2 primary schools/kindergartens and 4 separate school divisions;
and 43 – non-state (private) pre-school institutions.

The general education system in Perm is represented by  129 institutions, of which  two are primary schools/ kindergartens (one is  a special (correctional) school), 1 basic school, 113 secondary schools (including gymnasiums, lyceums, schools with specialised programmes for subjects), 11 special (correctional) schools and boarding schools. 

For those who want to combine work and study there are 3 evening schools.

Perm has 13 gymnasiums, 8 lyceums and 18 schools with specialised programmes for subjects. 

There are 17 institutions providing additional education, these being accountable to the Department for Education of Perm City Administration.