News for July 2021

July 6, 2021 15:18
Perm teenagers making art-objects as a start of “Architectural Innovations” project
Photo by Olga Gulyaeva

4 new art-objects will be located in Krupskaya Street in Perm this summer. 

In “Preform” workshops the students from Perm Construction Professional School started “The Kama River” project aimed at creating a recreation and photo zone location for the youth in Krupskaya Street. The location will also have an exposition telling about the small rivers in Perm as part of the city’s "unique" natural landscape.

School No 7 children are building an object called «LIGHT TO ANIMALS» that will help the residents of Motovilikha district learn more about the rare birds and animals inhabiting the city, as well as stop and relax   listening to the bird’s singing.

“Giraffe” Studio team is creating “Time Labyrinth” talking about the residential area called “The City Hills”. The students from “Trajectory” and “City of Roads” schools are working on the object named “100 reasons to live” located in the “Fire-and-Forging” workshops.

– Our project will present 100 reasons to live and enjoy every day of life. The object will be attractive both for teenagers and their parents, making them reflect over the fact that there’s always the way out in any situation in life. The place can also be used to relax and take photos”, said the project participants. 

– We are happy to have many partners this year who are willing to help implementing the teenagers’ ideas.  One can see a raising demand in the city for collaboration and joint work of the residents, business and authorities on creating positive changes in the city”, noted Valeria Asafova, project supervisor. 

The “Architectural Innovations” project is funded by The Russian President Grants Fund.