News for July 2021

July 14, 2021 16:31
“Golden Reserve” summer camp for talented school children youth is over
Photo: “Salut” summer camp

The special summer camp session was organized for the 8-10th grade schoolchildren who showed high achievements in study, subject Olympiads, arts and sports. 

The Education Department of Perm City Administration explained that the “Golden Reserve” project is aimed at supporting talented youth and helping them to  choose the relevant professional education track  through getting  acquainted with major employers. 

Taking part in the first session at the summer camp  gave  the children not only the opportunity to  relax after a busy academic year, but also to acquire new experiences and skills, make a step forward in self- development  and find new friends.  The two weeks were filled with interesting practical activities, professional auditions and development workshops. 

The slogan of the summer camp reads as “Festival of festivals”, that is 160 schoolchildren were involved into four  3-day programmes, organized by unique Perm schools. 

Thus, the “ School of agribusiness technologies”  programme included studying business-planning and landscape design, working as a team to produce a business  plan  and implementing  a landscape project on the “Salut” camp site. 

In another progmamme, organized by School No 32, the schoolchildren were trained in delivering first aid, basic fire-fighting and rescue skills, as well as military and sports training. 

“Petroleum +” school produced a programme that enabled the children to develop their soft skills, attend professional auditions and workshops and engage into creative activities. 

“Techno-school” festival organised meetings for schoolchildren with enterprises and companies representatives; the young people also learnt about nanotechnologies, 3D design,  enjoyed arts and crafts and developed their first cases. 

– “ We were involved into 4 exciting festivals, specially organized for us. For me personally, this was about  learning many new things and experiencing  a lot of positive  impressions and emotions.  The camp group leaders are  very creative, cheerful  and caring.  I will remember the time in the camp for quite a time and will hope to come there again”,  shared her impressions one of the participants, Anastasiya Matveyeva, school No55 student.